Friday, October 23, 2009

Zebroids: zorses and zonkeys

I wrote a post a while back about quaggas, a subspecies of zebra that were once thought to be separate species, that became extinct in the nineteenth century. There is an effort underway to "recreate" the quagga through genetic engineering. I thought I would write about some odd and interesting zebra hybrids.

The zorse is a horse-zebra hybrid. It's the offspring of a zebra stallion and horse mare. Like other hybrid equines (such as mules) it is sterile. The offspring of a zebra mare and horse stallion is called a hebra, though there are multiple names for equine hybrids. They are collectively known as zebroids, and are found both in the wild and in captivity.

Here's a zonkey.

Here is another zonkey, referred to here as a zenky.

A list of hybrid equines:


  1. the zorse up top looks almost photo shopped, but the white and stripes is strangely beautiful.

  2. Oh Oh so cute ! Do they come in pink ?
    I can't say of all my riding days I have riden one lol ! They are adorable
    :>) nice nice read Bob , thanks, Cyndy

  3. awwwww the baby zonkey!! i <3 zebras!! i had no idea there were so many different kinds! i never fail to learn something when i read your blog, bobb! you're like my online teacher lol

    <3, angelica