Thursday, November 19, 2009

A few interesting film and music clips

I thought I would post few interesting videos I've seen lately.

Eugeniuz Bodo was one of the great stars of Polish cinema in the1930's. He died in a Soviet labor camp in 1943.

Here he is in the 1937 Polish film "Pietro Wyzej" (Upstairs).

The quality is pretty poor in places, but this is great!

"Snake Hips" - sung by Sharon Lynn, with Ann Pennington dancing. This is from the 1929 film "Happy Days", which was the second wide screen film ever made. However the wide screen print no longer exists.

The best known version of "Mack the Knife" (Moriat) was recorded by Bobby Darin in 1958 , but the first recorded version was by Harald Paulsen from 1928. The song is from "Der Dreigrochenoper" (The Threepenny Opera). Paulsen played Mack the Knife in the original 1928 production in Berlin.

The Originals Project is a great site with lots of information on obscure original versions of songs that later became hits for other performers. There will be a post soon on some very interesting original versions.


  1. I found an interesting movie director today named Harmony Korine. His movies have been widely criticized and seem disturbing, but also attention grabbing and special. I like that he films on low quality cameras purposefully to be different and capture a scene just as he wants.

  2. Thanks for the information.I will check him out and let you know what I think:).

  3. Thumbs up Bob !
    Snake Hips !!!!!! love that one :>)
    Love all the music thanks !