Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson tribute; Jr. and His Soulettes

As I often will in this blog I will link to and/or discuss obscure music from every era.

In tribute to Michael Jackson, here is a link to "Big Boy", an early 1968 release by the Jackson 5 on the Steeltown label that was a local hit in the Chicago/Gary area. This and several other songs were recorded before The Jackson 5 signed to Motown and became national and international stars with "I Want You Back".

They are a long, long way from the Jackson 5 in terms of talent, but they are great! Here are Jr. and his Soulettes, a preteen band that recorded one LP in 1971. Only 300 copies were pressed , and supposedly most were ruined when they were shrink wrapped on a meat packing machine.

They have an interesting group of My Space followers as well.

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