Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ephemeral Films: Jim Morrison gets rejected at Florida State University; The Prelinger Archives

The Prelinger Archives were established in 1983.They are a collection of "ephemeral films", including home movies and educational films. The Library of Congress acquired them in 2002. Over 2000 of the 60,000 films in the collection are available online through the Internet Archive. I'm going to be featuring these films from time to time . It's an amazing and very varied collection.

I'm going to start however,with an clip of a promotional film from Florida State University. An archivist looking at some of the films in their archives a couple years ago realized that the young man in the film who gets rejected from FSU was played by Jim Morrison, who was a student there at the time

Here is the clip with Morrison.

A link to the entire film:

From the Prelinger archives:

An amateur film of the 1941 Mardi Gras week activities - silent, and in color. It's all well worth watching; the Mardi Gras parade coverage starts at about 5:30 into the film.

A 1953 film on auto safety: "A Cool Hot Rod"

From 1928, a silent film: "Teeth: A Film Lesson in Health and Hygiene"

A 1946 etiquette film: "Arranging the Tea Table"

A 1962 animated film from Bell Labs- "A Missile Named Mac" - a Cold War film about guided missiles that never mentions nuclear weapons or war.

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