Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Historic voices

Here are a few links to historic recordings of famous voices. .The first clip is from 1889, the others are from 1890, except for the Tolstoy clip, which is from 1907.

Robert Browning - This is barely audible, but there are subtitles.

Martin Lanfried - He plays the same trumpet he played to lead the Charge of the Light Brigade, during the Crimean War in 1854.

Edwin Booth - Shakespearean actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth, The sound quality, is pretty poor, but better then the one that's on the Internet Archive, which has the text of the soliloquy Booth is reciting.

Leo Tolstoy - from the book "Wise Thoughts for Every Day".

This is my favorite of these clips. Julius Block recorded several composers and musicians, including Tchaikovsky.

The story of the Block recordings is here:

There are many other early recordings at

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