Sunday, September 6, 2009

Great and not so great LP covers and picture sleeves

I love record covers.

One of the great things about record collecting are all the great - and not so great - covers and picture sleeves out there. They make collecting even more fun and interesting. Here are a few examples.

First, two records from Asia.

Here is the cover for a cover version of Steam's 1969 hit "Nah Nah Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Julie and the Emeralds.

I've never found a copy of this record or even heard it. here's a different recording by Julie and the Emeralds. Unfortunately, it's not embeddable.

Here's a cover by the great 60's and 70's Indonesian garage band Dara Puspita:

Here's one of their recordings:

The story of Dara Puspita:

Here are two religious LP's with "unusual" covers.

This record is fairly common around here, since it's a local recording. I have three copies of it at the moment. I've talked to several people who remember seeing "Mr. Bat" perform wearing this costume. The music is pretty standard sacred music with organ accompaniment.

One of the many creepy ventriloquist LP covers.

I've read that this record is pretty dull musically, but what a cover!

One of the many great polka LP covers:


  1. Mr.Bat looks scary ! The big rat too lol !
    Enjoyed both blogs Bob !
    Some really neat album covers indeed.
    Dara Puspita ! first time hearing them , actually enjoyed the music and gotta just love the Hair-dos and Fashion.
    Thanks , Cyndy :>)