Thursday, September 10, 2009

Historic menus

Restaurant menus can be interesting for their artwork, general design, and as a historical artifact. It's interesting to look at prices, unusual items, and different cultural sensibilities. I'm going to start with five menus for this post.

A special game dinner help to honor president Theodore Roosevelt, the Bozanta Tavern, Hayden Lake, Idaho, 1909

Menu details from a reception for the International Hotel Alliance by French government officials:

More menu details can be found here:

Check out the other great menus from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Three from the Colorado Menus Collection:

Easter Dinner at the Alamo Hotel, Colorado Springs, 1895:

Drink all your milk and get a free lollipop at the Holiday Inn Hotel. (children's menu, 1970?)

Some typical 1950's menu items with typical 1950's prices - just don't get drunk or rowdy at the Holland House in Golden. (1958)

The complete menu can be found here:


  1. oh, that alamo hotel menu cover is just so so beautiful! it must've been so nice to sit down to eat and receive a menu that lovely. and i love the children's menu. i don't understand why they can't do that sort of thing today, offering free lollipops if you drink all you milk! how wonderful that must have been!

  2. Yep - I love the elegance of the Alamo menu and the children's menu as well - sweet relics of a lost era before the days of fast food:).