Friday, July 17, 2009

The Enchanted Highway

I love the "Enchanted Highway ".Gary Greff , a teacher and principal, began building a series of giant roadside metal sculptures along a 32 mile stretch of highway north of his hometown of Regent , a small town in western North Dakota, in order to promote the town as a tourist attraction. The sculptures include "Geese in Flight", which at at 110 feet tall and 154 feet long is the worlds largest metal sculpture.

I've driven along the Enchanted Highway. There are seven sculptures in all; one every few miles. I kept wondering what someone would think if they just happened to drive by, and knew nothing about the project.

I love the "Pheasants on the Prairie" sculptures.When you drive through the back roads of western North Dakota, you see pheasants everywhere, often sitting on the road.

"The Tin Family" is also wonderful. These sculptures are 23, 44, and 45 feet tall.


  1. thats soo cool!
    i take it your from America?
    Australia only has big pinapple and big banana that is slightly random and put in place as a tourist attraction, everything else has a purpose. haha

  2. Yep I'm from America, and living in North Dakota now. I did check out the giant pineapple and banana. Wow!. There are a bunch of large outdoor sculptures here in the Midwest. My town has a 26 foot tall buffalo statue, which I'm going to blog about sometime.

  3. Hey, greetings from Australia as well! I've yet to see the big banana BUT have come across the big lobster (?) haha. I'd very much like to see The Enchanted Highway, everything looks so epic and I have a thing for big metal birds- in theory :)