Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fashion, futurology and Mr. T

One thing that has changed for me over the past year, is that I'm now quite interested in fashion, something I had never previously paid a lot of attention to. This is mostly due to the influence of all the great fashion blogs I've been reading over the past few months.

Here are three clips re fashion history.The first is a great slice of 80's tackiness: a clip of a fashion show hosted by Mr. T. The other two clips are projections of what fashion will be like in the year 2000, one form the 1930's and one from 1967 - very strange .


  1. hahaha. that first video is hilarious.
    and they weren't tooo far off in the 30's with their prediction of clothes that adjust temperature- i've seen heated jackets before.

  2. I wonder if heated jackets are available here in North Dakota. I could have used one last winter that's for sure:).

  3. The second(?) dress on the clothing of the future video reminds me of a n Alexander Wang mini dress.
    Blogging has also educated me a lot about fashion, and made me more conscious of what I put on every day, though not as a slave to trends.

  4. my mistake, blogs, not necessarily blogging, have educated me about fashion and cultivated a bit of an interest

  5. Love Love the Hats & Hair !!
    HatOlicious and Hair Raising
    Gowns are devine :>)
    Candies for Cuties !!