Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sometimes it really is rocket science

Good afternoon! There might be another post later on.

The last post started me thinking about physics, and rocket science in particular. I've also been thinking about cliches, and how sometimes they are literally true.

One time, back when I lived in Maryland, my cousin come into Baltimore for a Bar Mitzvah. My mom and I were talking with him in the lobby of the hotel he was staying at. We were having a private conversation, which i thought was pretty obvious. A relative I didn't know sat down and started talking to us. The cliche "Well he's not a rocket scientist " crossed my mind. However, he was in fact a rocket scientist. He started talking about a mission to a comet he was working on, and ironically it was far more interesting then what my mom, my cousin and I had been talking about, so I was glad he stopped by.

When I was growing up we went on a family trip to Boston. We got lost,and my dad said " "We are really out in left field here". We actually weren't far from the left field bleachers in Fenway Park..

A friend recounted that one time she was traveling with a friend of hers. They were about to board a train. It was really busy, and her friend said "It's like Grand Central Station in here". She reminded him in fact, that they were in Grand Central Station.

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